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How many times have you rented a movie, watched it, and then returned it a couple of days later?  Why not watch it, post it, share it, then return it later.  At the same time, members of our network will have access to new releases and old releases that are rented out.  Why not use your time wiseley and share that video, allowing yourself opportunities to watch unlimited movies for free.
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Breakdown of Netflix and Blockbuster Video!

Blockbuster dominates the competition, allowing them to monopolize the industry by charging late fees and jacking up their prices.  Mad about getting overcharged, the CEO of Netflix was frustrated and decided to challenge Blockbuster with DVD's by mail.  This worked and of course, Blockbuster came up with a plan of their own!  Now, we have both companies butting heads which allows our network to come in and allow the sharing of these overpriced videos, giving everyone the opportunity to save money and at the same time, never have to wait for a movie to come back!