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2nd Leg: DuHELL XC Race

2nd Leg: DuHELL XC Race

Friday, 22 of November 2019

Supporting MTB Team.

Team Pogi and Team Ganda (TPG)

Less than a month ago, we opened the MTB racing season in Al Khor. And If you think that Al Khor Playground Trail is already tough, try the newest version of the Duhail Trail. 

If you are a mountain biker living in Qatar for long enough, you already knew that Duhail Trail was once a big trail network traced and developed by mountain bikers of yesteryears with the likes of Davy Muller and his friends from Qatar Chain Reaction and guys from once then active Padyak Qatar. Maximizing the terrain feature which features a lot of hill climbs and descents, it is famous due to its near vicinity to the city of Doha. 

XC Races held in Duhail was always in the Calendar for MTB races ever since XC MTB Racing during the winter season was introduced more than 10 years ago here in Qatar. But for the last 2 years, it was absent in the calendar. The side by side and non-stop construction of new highways and buildings in the area ate up a lot of chunks of the old Duhail Trail and with specks of dust all over, we took a rest in using the area for MTB racing.

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