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Guidelines for group rides

Guidelines for group rides

Follow these basic guidelines when leading or participating in group rides:
-Arrive early, introduce new riders, and start on time.
-Review the route before starting the ride.
-Always wear a helmet when riding.
-Pass other riders only on the left, and announce your pass to other riders.
-Stay hydrated: bring water and/or sports drink.
-Bring some money for snacks and emergencies.
-Carry a spare tube, tire levers, pump, and multi-tool.
-Ride friendly, and be aware of traffic conditions.
-Obey traffic laws. Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists when using public roadways.
-Ride single file unless not obstructing traffic (never more than double file).
-Never leave anyone alone on the route. Include new members even if you have to slow your pace to help.
-Make sure everyone completes the ride safely.
-Promote a culture of safe cycling.
-Have fun!

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