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Fit the Grand Prix Supersonic, coupled with a Race28 Supersonic tube and you\'ve got a superlight and speedy tyre combination on the market at just 200g.\n\nThe Grand Prix Supersonic offers exceptionally low rolling resistance that rivals that of our renowned tubulars.\n\nThe tyre is now even faster thanks to the new Black Chili compound which utilises nano particles of carbon to create a molecular structure of the rubber comound which is stronger, faster amd grippier than previous compounds.\n\nOur super-fine, polyamide casing combined with a thin layer of Black Chili rubber is extremely lightweight and is designed to allow high inflation pressures.\n\nThis tyre is intended for race use only in solo events on the road or as an all-round track clincher (indoor & outdoor), and is not recommended for road races or training rides due to its short tread life.\n\nThere is no extra puncture protection with the Grand Prix Supersonic due to the lightweight construction.\n\nRiders should weigh up the compromises that they are willing to take before selecting this tyre.\n\nThe lightest clincher tyre on the market, from 140g\n\nSlick tread & super fine 310 tpi casing\n\nDesigned purely for the speed of competition\n\nIdeal as a track clincher as well as short road events

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