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Shoes Specialized S-Works EXOS, only 150 grams, is the lightest Boa system shoe in the world. At the same time it has all the technological features of the S-Works range necessary for professional riders of the World Tour circuit. To reduce the weight to 150 grams without compromising the transfer of power to the pedals, all the imaginable engineering \"tricks\" were used. The outer carbon fiber sole was designed with the help of Finite Element Analysis and pressure mapping to identify areas where weight was possible. In this way we have also managed to achieve unbeatable rigidity. The upper and the heel are completely new. The aerospace material Dyneema ™ mesh has Cubic Tech reinforcements while the heel is modeled according to the back of the foot, so as not to waste even a single watt. The design with the Warp Sleeve allowed us to do without the toe box. In this way we have further reduced weight and increased comfort. For comfort, they have retained all the features known and appreciated Body Geometry, such as the longitudinal arch, the Varus Wedge, and the metatarsal support, designed on the basis of scientific data and the tests have demonstrated the effectiveness in optimizing the power, increase efficiency and reduce the possibility of sports injuries. The S-Works EXOS is the shoe with the lightest Boa register. You will have the maximum feeling of lightness!\n\nErgonomically designed Body Geometry sole and insole, scientifically tested for high power transfer, to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of injury thanks to the best alignment of hip, knee and foot.\nMaximum power transfer thanks to the rigid and very light FACT Powerline ™ carbon fiber sole: stiffness index 13.0.\nThe perforated fabric Dyneema® Mesh is light, has a good seal and is comfortable.\nBoa® IP1 closing system for micro-adjustment, guaranteed by Boa®.\nTitanium threaded bushings can be reversed to further retract the cleat up to 5mm.\nNon-slip back and easily replaceable rear cleat.\nFit Form Fit with soft upper for a perfect connection between the foot and the shoe.\nPredisposition for all the main pedals with three-screw cleats.\nIndicative weight: 150gr. (a shoe size 42).\nColor: black.

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