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With the advent of the R1B Uomo, the Fizik R3B lose by a few grams the distinction of being the lightest shoes in the Italian company’s lineup, but that should not detract from just how great a price value ratio they will still offer. If you want a high quality, light, and comfortable pair of shoes without nudging the upper end of the price spectrum, the Fizik R3B, which are available both in Uomo and Donna sizes, will nicely satisfy your conditions of satisfaction.

The “B” in the R3B name refers to Fizik’s use of the BOA closure system for this shoe. In fact, the R3B makes use of the newest, and some think the best, closure system from BOA, the IP1 BOA. This version uses only one turning mechanism to tighten and loosen the shoe, which makes it the most user friendly BOA option available. It works easily with one hand, actually just a couple of fingers, so that you will be able to adjust your shoe fit while barreling down a descent or approaching a sprint finish. The full release mechanism also makes it very easy to get these shoes on and off; exhaustedly struggling out of fancy shoes after a five hour hammer fest is not one of our favorite pastimes. In case you want to have a firmer feel down by your toes, Fizik has added a hook and eye closure strap there. The material for the upper itself is the tried and true Microtex which has been laser perforated to provide the sort of ventilation you will need for hot days on black tarmac. The logo details are embossed and then laser etched which gives the shoes a rich dimension and will ensure that it will look crisp for the lifetime of the shoes.

The outsole is made from uni-directional carbon fiber, so that it will be light and stiff, allowing you to transfer as much power to the pedals as possible. Not only does the unidirectional carbon look amazing, Fizik uses it because they know that carbon filament will work best when aligned along the load axis. They will feel responsive without being so unforgiving as to give you hot spots or fatigue the feet. To help keep things comfy, Fizik uses their insole with a special EVA pad for metatarsal support. And to help you avoid scratching up your beautiful carbon soles, a replaceable heel pad will aid in walking and especially when you put your foot down at traffic lights, the most common place we muck up carbon soles.

In a size 43.5, the Fizik R3B Uomo Shoes weigh a feathery 230 grams, while the Donna version comes in at 210 grams in a size 38.5. It’s an open secret in cycling that all too often women’s equipment is dumbed down compared to the male versions. But you won’t find that to be the case with the Fizik R3B Donna Shoes. Using the same technology and high quality materials as the men’s version, the R3 Donna BOA shoes will give the comfort and performance that the serious lady cyclist demands.

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