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Who we are

Introduction We are a leading company in electro mobility field. Our high end products range from transportation solutions to sports and leisure sector. We offer our products both to end users as well as to retailers for further distribution. We are continually developing our products to exceed our customers satisfaction .We are young, dedicated to our products, and open minded for new ideas. Ever since we started to sell our products we have always improved our services in accordance with our customer’s needs and requirements. All our products are designed based on the highest world standards.

Who we are

Maintenance, Repair, Road Assist.

Who We Are


With the flat terrains of Qatar as our backdrop and cycling emerging as a serious sport, we come with a passion to assist new and avid cyclists with trust-worthy and reliable advice whilst providing state-of-the-art products and personalized customer service.

What drives us is the love for all things cycling: we are bicycle-enthusiasts and eager to spread our philosophy and mastery to our clients. Cycling is a way of life for us.

As a hub, we offer an engaging customer experience. As a community, we are home to Qatari and expat cyclists: a passionate group of discerning and determined people.

With our commitment, we foster a two-wheel culture in Qatar and support personal empowerment. And that is why we promise our customers that we will be the distinctive, prestigious brand connected to their favorite sport.

We are locally owned Bicycle shop


At Rasen Sports we have a clear goal – to provide the best morale and means for those seeking adventure and outdoor activity.

A lifelong passion for the outdoors and years of experience in this field has motivated us to source the appropriate equipment not previously available in Qatar. In doing so, we have created the perfect place to equip oneself with products and inspiration from a collective of individuals and their experiences. We have carefully curated a select range of brands and products to gear you up for the best experience in the outdoors.
Established in 2016 and proudly 100% Qatari pioneered (made/owned).
We await our great adventures with you!

Who we Are

Wholesale and Retailer bicycle shop
Barwa village
لدينا انواع دراجات هوائية

About Skate Shack

Skate Shack was started in Qatar in 1999. When we first started we had one thing in mind which was to become the best retailer of Bikes in the Country, and as time Bikes on so we expanded our ambition to include Watersports. It wasn’t too long before we saw that, because of the high summer temperatures, which can hit 45 C, and the fact that Qatar is an archipelago of islands, that there was a cross-over between Bikes and water sports, so we added water-sports to our product line – but our overall mission to be the best retailer of our products has stayed firm. Where and with whom we do our business In Qatar there are currently 1 branch : Salwa Road . We are happy and privileged to support and supply products to a number of local cycling teams and organizations in Qatar, as well as a number of large corporations, to whom we also provide repair and maintenance services on a contractual basis. We are big enough to be able to support our customers with all that they need at any time, but at the same we are small enough to care.

Who we Are

We are authorized agents of TRINX and HAWK in Qatar.
We are retailer and wholesale
We have repairing and maintains and all accessories

Who we are

Speed and Horse Power was established in February 2015 and it operates as a privately owned Qatari organization.
The idea for the company got developed after more than 10 years of experience in the motorcycles business and service. Our main goal is to provide the Qatari consumers a diversified range of motorbikes and it’s accessories.

The company has initially started as a GCC exclusive distributor for pit bikes and UTV-s. The first brand was Pitster Pro USA. Speed and Horse Power has implemented a rapid strategy for development and expansion. It has soon become the exclusive distributor for other major brands: TGB Taiwan, and The Drift Trike Gang, and Nolan helmets group from Italy, and SENA Bluetooth Communications from USA, Our long-term objectives are focused on becoming one of the leading trading motorcycles companies in Qatar, by offering our customers affordable and reliable services.

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Mobile: +974 77770345

Who we are

HERSH is a young and dynamic Italian company that offers an exclusive line of performance orientated bikes, cured in every detail. HERSH’s strengths are made in Italy bespoke frames, a complete range of ROAD and MTB bikes, the pre and post sales service, the ability to understand the customer needs and translate them into high performing bikes.

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